Ozark Steels Logistic Plan in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Covid-19 mitigation and safety measures


With the increasing concern and efforts to mitigate and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we are extending our company-wide control measures to include shipping/receiving logistics, as well as vendor/outsider contact. Effective 3/18/20, we will institute the following guidelines and procedures to continue to do our parts in containment of this pandemic virus:

Ozark drivers will avoid contact with any customer personnel when making deliveries. Drivers will arrive in their truck, park in designated receiving area, unstrap their load, then return to the cab of their truck until unloaded. Drivers are instructed to maintain a minimum of 6’ social distancing with any contact. Packing list/BOL will be emailed to customer designate when the truck(s) leave our facility to notify that our delivery is in route. Once delivered, we would like a signed copy of BOL sent back to us, or email acknowledgement that the order was received.

Same rules apply to deliveries at our facilities. Drivers are to unstrap their load and return to their truck. Documentation/Paperwork should be emailed to: Jonnie Mabry: jmabry@ozarktulsa.com  or Gene House   ghouse@ozarktulsa.com prior to delivery. If a delivery requires shop entry, please notify us in advance for instructions. 918-438-4330, and speak to Kevin Thompson.

  • Ozark drivers picking up materials will follow same protocol. You will be contacted when driver is enroute to prepare for loading. Once loaded, drivers will secure their loads. Please, no documents hand transferred, use email.

Visitors and salespersons will not be permitted access to our facility unless critical or essential. Please contact us if you feel it is imperative that you visit our facility.It is surreal that I am sitting here writing these procedures. Something I never dreamed I would be doing. However, we are in the midst of a serious pandemic that requires serious action on all our parts to isolate, contain, and ultimately overcome with minimal casualties.  Our communities, families, homes and workplaces are all areas of concern, and we must certainly remain diligent, with caution and reason to do our part. I am sorry for any inconveniences these measures may cause, and I hope that soon we can all return to business as usual.

Thank you for your loyalty and commitment to Ozark Steel,

Jim Welch

General Manager, Ozark Steel, LLC